"May their memories shine forever brightly"

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We at Brief Lives - Remembered want you o know that we understand the devastating impact to you and your family when a baby was stillborn or died sooon after birth.

We understand that however many years or decades have past since your loss, that you will never forget your baby.

We are here for you, We are here to help you to find the answers that will help you to remeberer and acknowledge your baby's brief life.

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    Stillbirth: The Woman Who Found My Baby's Grave

    The BBC foollowed Paula Jackson as she traced the location of a grave for Yvonne Maher, who gave birth to her stillborn son in 1980. In contrast to todays handling of such cases, she said that she recieved no support at the time.

    Stillborn babies lost decades ago must be traced.

    Produced by Frankie McCamley. Filmed and edited by Alex Dackevych and Nigel Craze. Read More....

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