Twenty Years of Supporting Bereaved families 2004 - 2024

Brief Lives - Remembered - The First Charity of It's Kind

Welcome to the website for Brief Lives - Remembered

We at Brief Lives - Remembered want you to know that we understand the devastating impact to you and your family when a baby was stillborn or died soon after birth.

We understand that however many years or decades have past since the stillbirth or death of your baby, that you will never forget your baby.

We are here for you, We are here to help you to find the answers that will help you to remember and acknowledge your baby's brief life.

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    All our yesterdays, All our todays, All our tomorrows. We will remember you with Love.

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        Keep up to date with, when we have been in the Newpapers, Magazines or on Television & radio.

        Remembered every sunrise and every sunset by those who loved them.