"Each new life... no matter how fragile or brief... forever changes the world." Author unknown

Zoe Karen Gentle and her Twin brother Clive were born on Tuesday 2nd August 1960. Zoe was born at 2.45pm and Clive was born ten minutes later at 2.55pm. They were born at the Louise Margaret Military Hospital in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The twins were born prematurely and were both very poorly, sadly Zoe lost her fight for life and died nine hours later. The causes of death recorded on Zoe's death certificate were Aclectasis (collapse of the lungs) and Prematurity. 

Clive survived and now lives in Brisbane, Australia with his family. 

When Zoe died, the twins parents Dianne and Gordon were told to forget their baby daughter and to go away enjoy their son. They did not hear any more of their daughter or what happened to her small body. Sometime later the family emigrated to Australia.

Over forty years later and as the result of searching for her resting place we discovered that Zoe had been laid to rest at Aldershot Military Cemetery in Aldershot, Hampshire.

"Brief Lives - Remembered" was established in July 2004 in honor of Zoe and as a way of ensuring that something positive and lasting would come out of her short life and subsequent death. As the result of Zoe and her story,there is a greater awareness of the support and needs of families bereaved many years ago. We at "Brief Lives - Remembered" have since it's establishment supported many parents, siblings and other family members through their own family tragedy. 


Zoe will be forever loved & missed.