Testimonials - What You Told Us

Brief Lives - Remembered was my last hope of finding my baby's grave. I can't thank them enough, Paula was so understanding and caring, I felt as if Paula was a life long friend. I would definitely recommend Brief Lives - Remembered, if you are trying to trace your baby's grave. Such a caring charity 

Dilys Murphy - Bereaved Mother

I was thinking what was my "highlight" of last year. I can honestly say that finding my baby daughter's resting place & able to visit & place a cross with her name, was without a doubt, my happiest time. 

Jan Cannell - Bereaved Mother

Thank you so much to Paula at Brief Lives for tracing the resting place of our daughter Elizabeth Levy Jarvis who died on October 25th 1975. It is a great comfort to us to know her location after nearly 50 years of uncertainty. 

John & Jean Jarvis - Bereaved Parents

It means the world to me to have found them, all thanks to Brief Lives - Remembered

Geraldine Dodman -John and Jean

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Tracing our sleeping son in 1978. We have visited his grave and left a stone of remembrance on it.  In one day, you have answered my question of 44 years heartache.  I cannot thank you enough

Linda Gibbins -  Bereaved Mother

It felt like I gift I could give to my mum, for her to know where her baby was. It was very emotional for her in both happiness and sadness. It also made me realise I had a sister because it happened before I was born it hadn't really clicked that I had lost a family member as well. I'm so thankful that we got to know and go to Samantha's resting place. 

Emma Wells - Bereaved Sister

You are amazing with what you do. You must end years of sadness for many mum's who not only had the pain of losing their baby but never knew where they were buried too.  

Bereaved Mother

Although initially the news brought back all the sadness and pain from all those years ago, I now feel comfort and peace from knowing where my baby is laid to rest. The fact that I now have a special place to go too be close to her is wonderful. 

Tracy Taylor  - Bereaved Mother

For 39 years l had no idea where my darling stillborn baby girl was, although l carried her in my heart everyday. You found her resting place for me, and have given me profound peace knowing l can go to be near her whenever l need to, thankyou, you were my guardian angel xxx  

Gillian Zima  - Bereaved Mother

Thank you so much for helping us to find our babies burial-place, which we thought we might never find. We have never experienced the kind of amazing service that you provided to us in any walk of life and will be eternally indebted to you. 

Derek & Jean  Shaw - Bereaved Parents

Thanks to "Brief Lives - Remembered", I have been able to obtain a Birth Certificate for the brother I never really knew I had. I still find this discovery very moving. 

Susan Miller - Bereaved Sister

My own search led me up many blind alleys, and I was going to be unsuccessful, until I tried the "Brief Lives - Remembered" website, and in no time we had the information we needed. We are going to visit the grave very soon,and we will have closure at last. after 45 years of wondering. 

Ann & Bill Mellows - Bereaved Parents

I found your website a beautiful inspiration. 

Jonathan Graham - Wandsworth Bereavement Services

It means everything to me to find out where my daughter’s resting place is

Linda Dardis - Bereaved Mother

Thank you so much for finding my mother's daughter, my so much-loved and missed sister. Your work is so treasured and we could not have done this without your help. 

Bernadette Bedward - Bereaved Sister

I feel as if a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle has been found. 

Beverley Beaumont

Finding my stillborn sister's resting place was a source of sadness and joy for me, sadness because she was not here with me. Joy that I know where she is now. 

Jenny Willis - Bereaved Sister

Finding the final resting place of a baby is one of the most important requests we receive.  In our experience a mother’s grief does not go away and when we receive that first tentative enquiry  sometimes from quite elderly ladies, we recognise the importance of finding something tangible to link to the baby’s existence. Providing written evidence and an exact location with the prospect of placing a lasting memorial gives a sense of closure for what may have been as long as fifty years of grieving. 

Audrey Ellis - Bereavement Services, Dartford Cemeteries

A million thank yous for talking to me yesterday and, although, I shed more tears, again!, it warmed my heart that there are people out there like you who acknowledge and understand so completely.  It meant so much. What a wonderful job you are doing.

Karen Collin - Bereaved Mother