I've Arrived

I've Arrived

To my dearest family

some things I'd like to say

But first of all to let you know

 that I've arrived ok.


I'm writing this from heaven

where I watch over from above.

Where there are no tears or sadness

There is just eternal love.


 Please do not be unhappy

Just because I am out of sight

Remember that I am with you

Every morning, day and night.


I will be beside you

every day and week and year

And when you're sad I'm standing there

to wipe away the tears.


Don't be afraid to cry  

It does relieve the pain

Remember there would be no flowers

unless there was some rain.


There are rocky roads ahead of you

and many hill to climb

but together we can do it

taking one day at a time.


When you are walking down the street

and you've got me on your mind

I'm walking in your footsteps

only half a step behind.


And when you feel that gentle breeze

or the wind upon your face

That's me giving you a great big hug

or just a soft embrace.


And when it's time for you to go

from that body to free

Remember your not going

your coming home to me.

 Author Unknown