You did not breathe, 

But in me you lived. 

Kicking and turning, you were part of me.

Perfectly formed, you entered this world, 

But you did not breathe. 

Why did your life begin and end in me? 

Unanswered questions tear at my mind, 

There is a void, it cannot be filled. 

Empty womb, empty arms 

Breasts full but unwanted. 

Aching body, aching heart, aching mind. 

Time will heal, they say, try again, 

As though you were an unsuccessful game. 

Nine months you were mine, 

My secret fruit, my heavy burden, 

Joyfully carried, eagerly awaited, 

Then anguish and unbelievable loss. 

Yesterday with me 

Today you are gone, 

But alive in my memory

My child, my son. 


I will plant flowers, 

Token of my love. 

Every Spring they'll burst with blossom

Symbol of new life and hope.

Hope that birth will come with joy

Though it's hidden, like Spring flowers in snow 

Waiting for that sweet awakening. 

Have faith, have hope, 

That joy will come 

Waiting body, heavy heart, anxious mind.

I must believe that time will heal 

And bring me faith in life again.

Life is full of mystery 

Sorrows that we cannot fathom, 

Joys anticipated, pain unsought. 

All are part of life's rich pattern. 

Not understood, 

But to be accepted 

Wrapped around in my love, 

My child, my son.

Maureen Jackson