We Remember..... January

Leah Suzanne Gander - Stillborn 1st January 1972 - Although I never got to hold you, I carried you for over 9 months. You will always be in my heart.

Baby David - Died 3rd January 1966 Aged just 3 hours - His resting place found after 47 years - A very brief life but never forgotten.

Pamela Nixon - Born  3rd January 1968 & Died 6th January 1968 - To my little sister Pamela, who I never knew, but will always remember. You are loved and missed and will always be a part of my life. Your time here was fleeting, but your memory will linger forever. God Bless little angle, love now and always, your sister - Mandy x

Richard Hales - Born 3rd January 1964 & Died 5th January 1964 - Always wanted, always remembered, never forgotten. We always wondered who you would have been, but we know you have been with us every step of the way and we are so glad to have found you Welcome home. 

Max Brice Rousham- Born 6th January & Died 21st November 1999 -The Mighty Max

Brett Rosewell - Stillborn 7th January 1977

Katherine Abbott - Darling Katherine passed on 7th January 1983 - Lived for approximately 17-19 hours and was held briefly by me before being taken away. Always loved and missed

Christopher Stephanou - Stillborn 8th January 1982 - Forever in our hearts ❤️ 

Christopher David Rosewell - Born 10th January 1978 & 6th December 2010

James Brown - Born 31st December 1956 & Died 9th January 1957

Baby Blake - Born & Died 12th January 1969 - Our sister finally found. You will always be loved and remembered by us. An angel now back in the arms of her Mummy and Daddy x

Hayley Caroline Hall - Born & Died 12th January 1977 - In our lives for a short while, in our hearts forever. 

Helen - Our baby girl stillborn Jan 1980 - A piece of our hearts in heaven. Mum and Dad XX

Baby Ben.-  Died January 1985. Loved and missed by your sister xxx

Dona Garner  - Born 15th January 1953 & Died 16th January 1953 - Dear Baby Dona we’ve missed you all these years and now you’re found. God Bless Dona

Hannah Elliott - Born & Died 15th January 1990 - You could not stay long our lives to share but in our hearts your always there. Lots of love from mummy xxx

Neil Anthony Goodwin - Born & Died 16th January 1967 - In loving memory of our son. Always in our thoughts forever in our hearts, Mammy and Daddy xxx

Samip R Gyawali - Stillborn 16th January 2018 - Forever in my heart. I love you and miss you dearly. Love Mommy

Baby Theo - Stillborn 18th January 1971 - Resting quietly in my heart and soul.

Baby Chantler -  Stillborn 21st January 1978 - Remembered with love every day.

Baby Wilson - 23rd January 1983 - Mark we miss you every single day.

Donna Marie Davis -Stillborn 24th January 1967 - An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth & whispered as she shut the book ... too beautiful for earth ... miss and love you every day love mommy and daddy xxx

Matthew & Luke Hall - Stillborn twins 26th January 1974 - We finally found you in December 2020. Forever in our hearts. Mummy and Daddy.

Andrew Webb - Stillborn 30th January 1972 - Always Loved and Remembered Andrew, Our only Son and Brother we never got to meet, love Mum and Dad and sisters Lynda, Kathryn and Joanne xx