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In 2016 the family of baby Stephen Dicastiglione contacted "Brief Lives - Rememberd", asking if we would search for the resting place of their much loved son.and brother who was Stillborn 28th March 1973.. A short time later we were iable to inform the family that we had located Stephens resting place..

As the result of a sponser walk the family have raised £105.00 and donated the procceds to "Brief Lives - Remembered".  

Our Family experience on having a stillborn Baby.
My Mum had her fourth pregnancy when I was 13 years old. As a Family we were very excited. I already has 2 younger brothers and we waited to see what we were going to have. The pram was delivered and in the middle of the night March 28th the Baby was born asleep. My Mum never met him but had to name him and pay for a funeral. He was called Stephen which my Dad picked the name. For years we lived with sadness and curious about how he would look and how much fun we would have with him. In February we did a walk for charity and I chose to donate to Brief Lives - Remembered. Julia Braso (Stephen's Sister)

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