We Remember..... August

Zoe Karen Gentle - Born & Died 2nd August 1960 - Your name will be engraved on our hearts always.

Emma Nancy Lampshire - Stillborn 2nd August 1980 - No photos, no hand prints, no cuddles, but the memory of your cute little face will stay with me forever. Hope your big brother Wayne is looking after you. love Mum, Emma, Laura, Hayley and Megan. xxxxxx

Edward James Crowley - Stillborn 2nd August 1982 - Loved and never forgotten. A sleeping angel x

Baby Daniels - Stillborn 4th August 1964 - Always in my heart and never will be forgotten

Andrew Gordon Cowin - Stillborn 5th August 1966 - Never seen, Never forgotten. Loved and always remembered every day. Heartbroken Mum and Dad xx

Mollie Elise Gavin - Passed 6th August 2003, aged 6 years

Ian Barrow - Stillborn 8th August 1963 - Always  in my heart, never ever to be forgotten. Sleep in peace my precious.  Mum

Baby James - Stillborn 8th August 1964 - Always Loved and never forgotten

Rene Garbett - Born 8th August 1969 & Died 10th August 1969 - You have been in our hearts and minds every day for nearly 50 years. Always wondering where you were, now we know, now we can visit. The star in the sky that shines the brightest. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy 

Karen Ling - Born & Died 10th August 1960 - To Sharon you were a twin taken too soon, and to Margaret and Ken you were a dear baby tragically lost.  Not a day goes by when you are not in your mother’s heart, and after 60 long years we have finally found you, and can visit you. Grief is love with no where to go. Rest in peace xxx

Luie Elyjas Gavin - Passed 11th August 2008, aged 3 hours

Paula Michelle McWhirter - Born 12th & Died 14th August 1971 - Where ever you may be, my sweet girl, please know that I will always love you.

Gary McMurray - Stillborn 12th August 1974 - Gary I never got to hold you or see your little face, you have always been remembered and in my heart to stay, forever my darling baby son. Carolynne McMurray xx

John Flatley - Born & Died 13th August 1968 - My beloved baby boy. I wasn’t allowed to hold or cuddle you and miss you every single day.

Baby Symonds - 14th August 1977 - Never forgotten at rest with your mother.

Steven John Mcdonald - Stillborn 15th August 1958 - Would loved to have known you, and have you in our life. So sorry you couldn't stay with us, but you were just too special for this world.  Always in our hearts,  All our love  Mummy, Daddy (in heaven)  and younger sister Julie Xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Hanna Elizabeth Rousham - 15th August 2003 - Even the smallest angels help to light up the stars

Amy Allan - Taken from us August 15th 1974 aged 2 days . Her resting place found after 48 years. Always in our hearts. Mum, Dad, Iain and Donald

Justin Folwaczny - Born & Died 16th August 1972 - In loving memory of Justin Folwaczny, You were lost, but know we have found you. Taken from us all to soon. You are always in our thoughts. Always & Forever, Rest in piece little man. Until we meet again, Reunited.  Love and Hugs, Always  Mam, Tony, Dean xx

Alexander Steele Mckay -  Born & Died 17th August 1959 - Found you at last. We never met you but I miss you both.Now with Mum, Dad, Robert, Colin and Margaret

Henry McKay - Born & Died 17th August 1959 - Found you at last. We never met you but I miss you both.Now with Mum, Dad, Robert, Colin and Margaret

Baby Parker - Stillborn 20th August 1976 - Didn’t get to know you, but never forgotten, rest in peace until we meet again.

Baby Liggett - Born 25th August & Died 25th August 1979 - Never Forgotten.

Colin Mark Tonkin - Born 26th & Died 28th August 1964 - Forever in our hearts.

Darren Buss - 26th August 1970  - You will always be loved and remembered.

Daniel James Cobley - Stillborn 28th August 1981 -  My first born beautiful son - I have never forgotten you and can now know you are resting peacefully, I hope you know how much you were loved, your mummy xxx

Emma Fountain - Stillborn 30th August 1976 - Never had the joy of knowing you. Always remembered and will never be forgotten. Mum, Dad, Sarah & Family xxx

Olivia Land - Born sleeping at 21 weeks on the 31st August 2020 - An angel in heaven looking down at daddy and mummy. Grandad will look after you now x