We Remember..... September

Nicholas Stuart Balling - Stillborn 1st September 1983

Noah Brindley - Miscarried 5th September 1982 - Noah I carried you for the whole of your life and I will miss you for the whole of mine....until we meet again my angel, my son xxx

Robert Ian Harwood  - Stillborn 6th September 1978 - We never had the chance to hold you, but we've held you in our hearts every day..... our beautiful son.

Baby Higgs - Stillborn 7th September 1965 - The spiritual love you can have for someone you love - no matter how briefly they touched our lives can be greater than any physical love that we were granted to be present with. Love Mum, Dad and your brothers and sisters.

Guy Daniel Rhodes - Born 7th September 1972 & Died 1st November 1972 - Little boy lost and little boy found.

Barry Archer - Stillborn 9th September 1954 - Gone but never never forgotten.

Louise Katherine Dodds - Born 9th September 1989 & Died 2nd September 2007 - You lit up our lives

Edward Thomas - Stillborn 10th September 1943 - After 75 years apart, l now know, my quest was not in vain.dear Edward my twin brother still born in September 1943. You have been found, now l feel whole again.love you with all my heart, Eric.

Patricia Birney - Stillborn September 1973 - Always in our hearts and never forgotten’ Mum, Dad, Michael, Tricia, James & Gerard xxx

Gwyneth, William and Thomas John Ford - 16th September 1949 sibling triplets were born. Gwyneth and William passed away on 17th September at 1 day old. Thomas John passed away 6 days later, on the 22nd September. Brothers and a sister I was not meant to meet.. R I P, my dear siblings, roses that were not allowed to bloom.

Christopher William Lawrence - Stillborn 18th September 1975 - Always loved and longed for, Forever in my heart.

John Wood - 18th September 1992 - Born and died before he could take a breath.  We held you for a short time 26 years ago and now We can go and say goodbye at your final resting place. Until we are together again our beautiful son John always loved and never forgotten Mum & Dad and your brothers George & Henry God Bless xxxx

Lucy May Gavin - Passed 18th September 2003, aged 4 days

Elizabeth Meacock - My dear Elizabeth born asleep 20th September 1986 with cheeks so peachy. Still loved,still missed, still remembered. May one day I know where you sleep my darling daughter xxx

Paul A Hawkey -  Born 22nd September 1964 & died 23rd September 1964 -  I would have loved to have known you, I feel sure with only 15 months apart we would have had so much fun together. Now I know your resting place I can visit and say a prayer and bring you flowers from your mummy who can't do it herself. Love always Tracy and all your family xx

Thomas Carl Underwood - 22nd September 2012 - Love and miss you always baby boy xx

Sherina Gillard - Died 23rd September 1960, Aged just 17 hours - We found you at last. Forever in our hearts

Robert James Penfold - Born 27th September 1957 & Died 29th September 1957 - I think my mum will be at peace now after carrying her grief from 1957 till 2020

Peter John Marsden Jr - Born 28th September 1967 & Died 28th September 1967 - Your tiny feet have left footprints on all of our hearts. We love you Mummy, Daddy, Michelle and Stephan

Baby 'Shaan' Taylor - Stillborn 29th September 1979 - Chosen to be one of Gods Angels

Baby Collier - Stillborn 30th September 1955 - We never got the chance to meet you and now you have been found nearly 60 years on. Sweet dreams precious one x

Baby Kerr - Born and Died 30th September 1970- A much loved first child, a baby boy too precious to be forgotten. May you always have an angel by your side xx