We Remember..... October

Baby Winter - Stillborn 1st October 1971 - My sweet boy, taken before i got to know you. Forever in my heart, love always Mum & Dad.

Mathew James Syddall - Born too soon on 3rd October 1981 - To our dearest Mathew, Although we never met you were wanted and dearly loved and sadly didn’t survive for this world. We hope you are with our famiIies who are  taking loving care of you. Love from your Mum, Dad and sisters xxx

Vanessa Marie Campling - Born and was taken on 6th October 1974 - Lost now found but always, much loved by her Mummy and Daddy. Rest in peace my little Angel.

Jasmine Rousham - 9th October 1997 - Even the smallest angels help to light up the stars.

Brian Greenhalgh - Born & Died 12th October 1970 - In the arms of the angels. God bless little one. 

Melanie Anne Rendle - Born 10th October 1973 &  Died 15th October 1973 -  Never forgotten, always loved. Mum and Dad

Baby Boaler - Stilborn 14th October 1977 - I never had the chance to hold you then but I will carry you in my heart for ever. Lots of love mom x

Joseph William Frederick Giles - Our dearest baby son stillborn on the 17th October 1979. We are so sorry we could not see or hold you and say goodbye, but we wanted you to know that we have never ever forgotten you.  45 years of searching and finally we have found your resting place.  Now you have been found we would like to name you : Joseph William Frederick Giles, god bless you our sweet little angel until we meet again, love mum and dad xxxxx

Baby Atkinson - Stillborn 20th October 1977 - After 10 months waiting to meet you hold you and love you, you couldn't stay with us you were to special to take a breath and stay with us you broke our hearts when you left but we have never forgotten you at last after 46 years we have found your resting place after a long journey and we have found some peace at last only wish you had been part of our lives baby girl R.I.P love always x

Baby Michael - Stillborn 21st October 1971 - I saw you once, I never held you, my love for you is never ending and I will never forget my little boy.

Elizabeth Levy Jarvis - Born and Died 25th October 1975 - In memory of our first born child Elizabeth Levy Jarvis who was born and died on October 25th 1975. .Always in our thoughts little one.John and Jean Jarvis. 🙏❤️

Dirk Andrew Schmidt - Stillborn 28th October 1974 - Never forgotten, Mama and Papa. Brother of Andrea and Sigrun. Love forever