WE Remember.....


Roger Howarth  - Born & Died November 1946 - "Found at last".

Emma Kate Radford - Born 3rd November 1997 & Died 26th February 2009 - Our Sunshine

Georgina Walker-Oseland - Born & Died 4th November 1977 - A cherished  memory of our beautifull daughter who was with us for such a short time. You were never forgotten and we still miss you, God bless you and keep you safe. with all our love .Mommy and Daddy.xxxx

Emma Jane Snell - 5th November 1973 - Lost now Found, Never Forgotten.

Dawnette Dionne Ethel-May Welfair - Stillborn 15th November 1970 

Baby Boy Chrimes - Stillborn 26th November 1973 - We never gave you a name but you will always be in our hearts - you were our first much loved and wanted baby - all our love Mummy and Daddy