We Remember..... May

Helen Marie - Stillborn 5th May 1971.- We were not allowed to see you but you have always been in our hearts our first born baby,.found after 50 years. “A little flower lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven” love you mummy, Daddy, Helen,the late Martyn, Joanne and Mark. XX

Gaynor Christine Linnett -  Born 11th April & Died 6th May 1967 - Forever in our Hearts, your Mummy, Daddy and sister Karen.  .

Roberta Bates - 6th May 1982 - To our beautiful daughter Roberta you are forever in our heart and soul will love you always and forever. Till me meet again my darling daughter. Sleep forever in peace

Baby Clarke - Stillborn 7th May 1968 - My precious son I never got to hold you, to see you or even have a photo of you. How things have changed. Never ever will you be forgotten. Love you so much. Mummy xx

Rachel Somers - Born 7th May 1974 & Died 6th May 1981 - Loved & Remembered Always.

Jane Louise Algar - Born 13th May & Died 18th May 1969 - I never got to hold you in my arms, just saw your beautiful face. Found you after 51 years. Loved and never forgotten. Your loving mummy.

Gavin John Wilson - Born 13th May 1977 @ 7am, Chatham Hospital, Kent - My darling little Gavin, with me for such a short time. You are always loved and remembered. We will meet up one day. All my love, Mummy x

Gary Redgwell - Stillborn 17th May 1960 - In loving memory of my precious first-born son Gary. Although I never saw you, I have never forgotten you and you will remain forever deep within my heart. Your loving mother, Beryl.

Jennifer Louise Harmer - Stillborn 18th May 1967 - I never got to hold you but you are always in my thoughts. Beloved twin sister to Gillian. Finally found you after 53 years. Lots of love Mum and Gill xx.

Lisa Cannon - Stillborn 19th May 1990 - You are loved so much and missed every day,. God needed a perfect angel and he chose you.. Till we meet again baby girl love always Mummy, Tracey Anthony and Christopher xx

Gail Westacott - Stillborn 21st May 1967 - To the big sister who was never forgotten and found after 54 years. You live on in my heart and are with us always. Tracey xx

Darren Thomas - Stillborn 21st May 1967 - Our precious son, An angel in the book of life wrote down our sons birth. She whispered as she closed the book, "Too beautiful for Earth". Always in our hearts Mummy & Daddy.

Margaret McKay - Born 22nd May 1966 & Died 23rd May 1966 - Found you at last . Will miss you always.Now with Mum, Dad, Robert, Colin and the twins Henry and Alexander.

Daniel Buss - 26th May 1971 - You will always be loved and remembered.

Gerard O’Suliivan - Born & Died 27th May 1954 - I found my brothers final resting place now I can say hello x.        

Roseen Sherratt - Stillborn 27th May 1973 - A Precious Daughter. We never got to see you or hold you in our arms, but you were never far away as we kept you in our hearts. Love always your Mum, Dad & sisters Melanie & Kelly.   

Joanna High - Stillborn 29th May 1968 - Did not get the chance to meet you but now you have been found after 48 years we can at last say hello.

Kathleen Carol Capon - Born & Died 30th May 1968 - Though I never got to see you or hold you neither did your brothers Antony and Richard you have never been forgotten rest in the arms of the angels till we meet again your ever loving mum and brothers

Vanessa Jane Crombie - Died 30th May 1973 

Marc Wyn Thomas- Stillborn 31st May 1976 - So lovingly missed from our lives but have been forever in our hearts & thoughts treasured forever

Grant Lanfear - Born 3rd Jan 1988 & Died 31st May 1988 - Gone but never forgotten. Mummy still misses you so very much xxxxx