WE Remember.....


Baby Alan Pringle - Born 4th June 1958 & Died 5th June 1958 - It may have taken many years to find you, you never left my heart. Words are not enough.

Richard Jason Green  - Born Sleeping 8th June 1969 - Son and Brother - Never known but never forgotten

Stephen Toomey - 12th June 1954 - Beautiful son of Joyce & Malcolm Toomey - "Never in our arms, Always in our hearts"

Laura Lewis - Stillborn 12th June 1984 - In the arms of angels, till we meet in Heaven

Christine Finlay - Born sleeping June 1979...our dad said God made his daughters so beautiful...that he decided to keep one for himself <3

Micah Smith - Born 13th June & Died 15th July 2013 - Mummy, Daddy, big brother and twin brother love and miss you so much. As do his Nanny's, Grandads, Aunties and Uncle. Always & Forever.

James F O'Brien - Born 17th June 1957 & Died 23rd June 1957 - You are now united with your mum, dad and brother. Your sisters and l have not forgotton you.

Rachel Wisdom - Wilkins - Stillborn 20th June 1982 - The world has kept on turning and life has carried on but since you left the stars have dimmed and all the sunshine has gone because you meant the world to us. And you were loved more that you knew.  It was such a joy to have a daughter like you…. From Mum & Dad