We Remember.....


Michael Poole - Stillborn 10th March 1942.- My brother, my twin. I have never forgotten you and now after 73+ years I know where you rest. I love you. Ann. X

Carol Ann Craddock - 10th March 1953 - Never known but always remembered.

Hannah Woodward - Stillborn 11th March 1953

Baby Henton -14th March 1975 - Never known, but never forgotten.

Patrick Maloney - Born & Died 16th March 1975 - Always in my thoughts, and forever in my heart. Mummy will never forget you. X

John Brian Murphy - Born & Died 20th March 1974 -  My beloved son John, 44 years ago, I lost you. I didn't get to hold you, tell you how much I love you and to be with you at the end of your short life. I think of you every day and I can't wait for the day when I can finally hug and kiss you. All my love my son, your mummy.

Katie Barton - Born sleeping 20th March 1982.- Our first child who is always in our thoughts and much loved. Mummy and Daddy xxxx

Abigail Watkins - Born asleep 21st March 1976 - In memory of my darling baby girl Abigail, l was not allowed to hold you in my arms , they were very cruel in those days , but l hold you in my heart forever x fly high with the angels darling x mummy loves you xxx

Kirstie McNally  - Stillborn 22nd March 1988  - There isn't a day I don't think about her. love u forever Mummy xxxx

Lee Philips  - Born & Died 24th March 1971 

Patrick White - Born 24th March 1971 & Died 30th March 1971 - Always in our hearts little brother.