David Elvy - Trustee

I am David a retired surveyor, married to Carmen, we live in South London

I have throughout my adult life worked as a volunteer with many charities in numerous roles including the training of early helpline operators, organising groups and striving for equal rights on all levels. I first came into contact with Brief Lives – Remembered  through another bereavement based organisation The Lone Twin Network, of which I am now Chair. LTN is a totally volunteer organisation with a role to support those twins whose twin has died, at whatever stage of life and whatever the circumstances. Both my wife and I are lone twins.

In addition I am a sighted guide working as a volunteer with Croydon Vision Association for the Blind. (CVAB) who help support those who are blind or visually impaired. Apart from being a sighted guide (a guide dog on two legs) I run a crossword and quiz group and every few weeks compile and present the weekly audio magazine.

If there is one piece of advice I was given by my father as a young child that has resonated with me throughout my life it is. “If you take everything out of society and put nothing back, there is nothing left”.