We Remember.....


"The angel in the book of life wrote down our children's names and whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth" 

 To have your child's name included on this page, go to the contact page on this website. Your entry may include the name, date of stillbirth, birth or/and death and a short message. If date of birth and death occurred in different months, please state which month you would like your entry included. To find your child's entry, click on the butterfly for the appropriate month. 

We Remember.....

             Butterfly-January                     Butterfly-February                      Butterfly-March                       Butterfly-April      

         January                  February                   March                         April    



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          May                          June                            July                           August  



        Butterfly-September                      Butterfly-October                      Butterfly-November                       Butterfly-December

          September                 October                    November                  December