"We cannot do great things; we can do small things with great love"  - Mother Teresa

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  • Sands (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity)

          Support for families who have had a baby die before, during or after birth.

  • Surrey Sands

          Local Support for families who have had a baby die before, during or after birth.

  • Sands Lothians

          Support and understanding to bereaved parents wh have experienced the death of a baby through

          miscarriage, stillbirth or soon after birth.  

  • Derby Sands

          Local support for families who have had a baby die before, during or after birth. 

  • TAMBA Twins and Multiple Births Association)

          Support for families who lost one or more babies from a multiple birth.


  • Lone Twin Network

          Support for Twins who have lost their twin at anytime in life.

          Membership is open to anyone over 18.

  • Meningitis Now (Formerly Meningitis Trust & Meningitis UK)

          Support for families whose lives have been touched by Meningitis


  • The Compassionate Friends (TCF)

          Dedicated to the support and care of bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have suffered the

          death of a child/children.

  • Winston's Wish

          The Charity for bereaved children      

  • Saying Goodbye

          The Saying Goodbye events are the first set of national commemorative services

          for people who have suffered miscarriage, early term loss or early infant death.

  • Now I lay Me Down to Sleep        

          Providing the gift of remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby. 


  • Institute for Cemetery and Memorial Management (ICCM)

          Developing and promoting best practice in cemeteries and crematoria.

  • General Register Office

         The General Register Office holds records of births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, stillbirths and

          adoptions in England and Wales.

  • Scotlands People

           Scotlands People holds records of Birth, deaths and stillbiths in Scotland Possible to order online

  • General Register Office - Ireland

          Holds records of birth, death and stillbirths in Ireland.

  • Church Yard Angels

          Personalised Memorial Pebbles

  • At A Loss

          UK's 'one stop shop' website for finding specific and local bereavement support.   

  • Erica Stewart - Counsellor

          An integrative counsellor, who uses different counselling models and skills tailored to her clients needs .

          Erica can help you through difficult periods of your life now, as well as any past experiences that could still

          be affecting your life now and maybe didn't received support for at the time or shortly afterwards.