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We Remember.....

February                                                             Butterfly-February


Eloïse Clare Stewart - Stillborn 7th February 2008 - Our little angel


Brian Grant -  Stillborn February 1957 - My brother, found after 60 years lost.  Never forgotten.


Baby Gray - Born Asleep February 1958 - 'Discovering the final resting place of the little brother I never got to meet. So many years without knowing his final resting place but now a place to visit..



Baby Rowbotham - Stillborn 5th February 1958 - A dear baby and baby brother found at last always remembered in our hearts xxx love mum and little sis.


Rosemary DempseyStillborn February 1969


Julia Chilver - Born  23rd February 1971 @ 10.45am and died 23rd February 1971 @ 12.45am - I never got to hold you or tell you how much I loved you. Forever in my heart, love mummy


Baby Mark Rogers - Stillborn 6th February 1984 - When I lived in Toronto. I held you in my arms as you slept. So sorry my darlin son. I'm always thinking of you and look forward to holding you again in Heaven. Love Mummy xxx