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July                                                                    Butterfly-July


Paul Christopher David Rosie - 6th July 1984 - 'Love incarnate. Laid at God's feet. To be treasured in Heaven'


Alice Mellows - Stillborn 8th July 1968 - You never saw the light of day, we never knew the comfort of holding you, but you are held in our hearts always.


Baby Zoe Braybrook - Born asleep 12th July 1978 - Always in my thoughts and heart never forgotten sleep tight my darling, mummy loved you so much x


Paul Daren Webb - Born 16th July & Died 20th July 1972 - Forever loved, never forgotten


Freddie Lowrie Gibson - Born 17th July 1939 & Died 1st March 1940 - Always remembered


Margaret Leigh - Born sleeping 19th July 1960 - Lost for now but loved forever


Baby Sockett  - Born Sleeping July 1951  - Found at last.  You Would have been much loved by your Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sisters. Safe now in your Mum and Dads arms. "God Bless". Keith, Clive, Gill, Val and families xx    


Melanie Minton - Stillborn 20th July 1965 - Mum, Dad & Sister will always love you, you are a very special little soul. 


Kelly Bengough - Born Asleep 20th July 1974 - Her Memory Is Always In Our Hearts.


Jean Edwards - Born 25th July 1950 & Died 25th July 1950 - Lived for one hour. "Ti gei glywed os gwrandewi/Swn y galon fach yn torri" (Thou shalt hear if thou listen/the sound of the little heart breaking)


Baby McGrath - Stillborn 25th July 1951 - Our lost Angel 


Williamina McKegney - Born & Died 28th July 1959 - Sorry we couldn't find you for so long, hope you are at peace with mum, dad and Steve. God Bless, missed but never forgotten. Jane, Alex and Scott 


William Noy - Stillborn. 28th July 1963 & Buried 6th September 1963 - I have found my brother after 53 years. Mum & Dad are in heaven with you now little one.  "Rest in peace".


Daniel John Hicks - Born 30th July 1972 & Died 31st July 1972 - Always in my heart.