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We Remember.....



May                                                                    Butterfly-May     


Gaynor Christine Linnett -  Born 11th April & Died 6th May 1967 - Forever in our Hearts - your Mummy, Daddy and sister Karen.  


Rachel Somers - Born 7th May 1973 & Died 6th May 1981 - Loved & Remembered Always.


Jane - Born 13th May & Died 18th May 1969 - Found you at last my darling.  Mummy always loved you.


Clare Julia Woods Born 31st October 1975 & Died 17th May 1980 - Too beautiful for earth, never forgotten Xx.


Margaret McKay - Born 22nd May 1966 & Died 23rd May 1966 - Found you at last . Will miss you always.Now with Mum, Dad, Robert, Colin and the twins Henry and Alexander.


Gerard O’Suliivan - Born & Died 27th May 1954 - I found my brothers final resting place now I can say hello x.           


Joanna High - Born sleeping 29th May 1968 - Did not get the chance to meet you but now you have been found after 48 years we can at last say hello.


Daniel Buss - 26th May 1971 - You will always be loved and remembered.


Vanessa Jane Crombie - Died 30th May 1973 


Grant Lanfear - Born 3rd Jan 1988 & Died 31st May 1988 - Gone but never forgotten. Mummy still misses you so very much xxxxx