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The need for Answers

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We are often asked by people who do not understand or choose not too understand sometimes through ingnorance, why families are lookingSnowdrop for their baby now and why they need too. 


Babies die for many reasons and sometimes there is no obvious reason. For families trying to understand why their longed for baby has died can be a source of great pain.


When a baby was stillborn and died many years ago, the baby would have been taken away never to be seen again. The families did not get to hold their baby and there were no choices as to what would happen to their baby and they were never told. 


When a family member dies, the grieving family get the opprtunity to say goodbye and have a funeral, this is very much the beginning of coming to terms and learning to live without that person.  For the families who contact "Brief Lives- Remembered" they did not get that chance, there were no goodbyes or acknowledgment that their baby ever existed. There were no answers or place to visit. 


Finding out where a baby's resting place, brings a huge sense of relief and a chance to acknowlege and remember their baby in a way they never had before..


"For 39 years l had no idea where my darling stillborn baby girl was, although l carried her in my heart everyday. You found her resting place for me, and have given me profound peace knowing l can go to be near her whenever l need to, thankyou, you were my guardian angel."


"My own search led me up many blind alleys, and I was going to be unsuccessful, until I tried the "Brief Lives - Remembered" website, and in no time we had the information we needed. We are going to visit the grave very soon, and we will have closure at last. after 45 years of wondering"


 " At last I feel I can grieve for my son, I now feel at peace with my self"


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