Marianne Kiff- Trustee

My name is Marianne. I recently moved to Suffolk but I was raised in Tottenham, North London. I moved to Essex in 1973. Where I was a Primary School Teacher for most of my working life. Having retired from my post as Headteacher and Acting Headteacher I then went on to train teachers. I was lucky to have enjoyed my career and never lost my sense of satisfaction and pride at being able to work with amazing children and their families and being an inspiration to a new generation of teachers.

I am married and have three children and three beautiful young grandchildren who now keep my husband and I entertained and very busy when we are not enjoying holidays, walking our dog, or pursuing our other hobbies which include Morris Dancing, singing and going to the theatre.

In 1978 we were expecting our 2nd child. I had carried the baby for 40+ weeks when I was told that the baby would not survive once it was born. We never saw our baby, a girl whom we called Louise and for more than 40 years we tried to find out what had happened to her. By chance, my husband found out about the Charity, Brief Lives - Remembered. He made contact and gave them the information we had about Louise’s birth and death.

We were so happy to receive the news that they had managed to find out the whereabouts of our baby’s ashes. We had found her. We are both so grateful and are now arranging for her birth and death to be permanently marked by adding her name to a family headstone in the cemetery where we lived until we moved to Suffolk. Myself, my husband and our 3 children will have a short remembrance at that spot very soon.

Paula from Brief Lives Remembered, asked If I would be interested in becoming a Trustee for the charity. I felt honoured to be considered and knowing what important work they do to trace babies and give parents support in their loss, I am very much looking forward to helping the charity in their work. This will be a new venture for me. I need no convincing of what importance this work is for families looking for answers to delicate and distressing questions..