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July                                                                    Butterfly-July


Paul Christopher David Rosie - 6th July 1984 - 'Love incarnate. Laid at God's feet. To be treasured in Heaven'


Alice Mellows - Stillborn 8th July 1968 - You never saw the light of day, we never knew the comfort of holding you, but you are held in our hearts always.


Paul Daren Webb - Born 16th July & Died 20th July 1972 - Forever loved, never forgotten


Freddie Lowrie Gibson - Born 17th July 1939 & Died 1st March 1940 - Always remembered


Margaret Leigh - Born sleeping 19th July 1960 - Lost for now but loved forever


Melanie Minton - Stillborn 20th July 1965 - Mum, Dad & Sister will always love you, you are a very special little soul. 


Kelly Bengough - Born Asleep 20th July 1974 - Her Memory Is Always In Our Hearts.


Jean Edwards - Born 25th July 1950 & Died 25th July 1950 -  Lived for one hour. "Ti gei glywed os gwrandewi/Swn y galon fach yn torri" (Thou shalt hear if thou listen/the sound of the little heart breaking)


Baby McGrath - Stillborn 25th July 1951 - Our lost Angel 


Williamina McKegney - Born & Died 28th July 1959 - Sorry we couldn't find you for so long, hope you are at peace with mum, dad and Steve. God Bless, missed but never forgotten. Jane, Alex and Scott 


William Noy - Stillborn. 28th July 1963 & Buried 6th September 1963 - I have found my brother after 53 years. Mum & Dad are in heaven with you now little one.  "Rest in peace".


Daniel John Hicks - Born 30th July 1972 & Died 31st July 1972 - Always in my heart.